Good Morningside–It’s All Coming Back To Us! (NYC)

Today we hit the northwest side of Manhattan to Morningside Park–we get around.  We also go really dirty today-real dirty!  We earned our weekend.

Warming up is a vital part of training. We like to practice safety third here at NP_NYC. After we hugged, we bounced. After we bounced,  we continued our warm-up with some Burpee Sprints straight into Cooper Sprints.


Line them up!



After we were armed up, IT WAS ON! WE buddied up. BUDDY! Then we did an intense circuit of Bojan’s and Wheel Barrowing.




We finished very strong after we tripled up. Each set of Triplets crushed 4 activities while we blasted Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back. ” It was AWESOME. Activities included a speedy slide ride.  Tribers were spit out from the slide and epic speeds.   See below.



Next Week:

Wednesday, Bridge Day, WE #grassroot. 5:28am, 6:28am.





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