Good Morning, Sunshine (LAX)

I will be the first to admit – Los Angeles and the concept of being weatherproof are not two things commonly associated with one another.


It’s not that we’re not capable, it’s just that we literally get no opportunity to practice. I have every confidence that the people of this tribe would #justshowup if the weather became inclement, but it never happens at the right time.


But this morning felt like the first time, in a bit of time, that we had full blown sunshine greeting us as we crushed trails. The past couple of months have been nice, extremely manageable by every means, but really goddamn grey. How are we supposed to brag to the rest of the NP world about our dope beach workouts if the sun never bothers to come out for them?


Well Mr. Sunbeam showed his face today and it felt real good. The tribe could feel it to, essentially dialing up the energy to 11 through photosynthesis. I call that a weekend earned.


Do great, LA


SUNRISE 6K: FRIDAY 7/8, 5:27/6:27 am, Santa Monica Beach Path


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