“Good Morning, Mr. Mayor!” (NYC)

We’re Coming For You, Madison!

Today the Tribe crushed the abbreviated Mansions workout. Twice! That’s right, the 5:30a.m. and 6:30a.m. groups were in full effect. The Tribe went HARD for 40 mins. We split the family into two groups to start–sending each group in opposite directions to maximize our high fiving.  Bar crawls (Oops, I mean bear crawls) and dips were executed perfectly on a every other rotation.  In the middle of the loops–we paid homage to our resident MR. Mayor by yelling, “Good-Morning-Mr.-Mayor” while doing 4 burpees.


Burpee #1, “Good,” Burpee #2, “Morning,” Burpee #3, “Mr.,” Burpee #4, “Mayor”


Vinny was awarded the Positivity Award! Much deserved. Bring with you EVERYWHERE!

Madison Send-Off Friday: NY_NYC is off to take on Madison with the other 16 Tribes. World-Take Over in Full Effect!  NYC, WE GO HARD!

Baby-Sitters On Duty: With our co-leaders off to Madison this week, we have babysitters on duty. Sara Beaney and Chris Mosier are in CHARGE.  We’ll mis you, but you’re in great hands. Share all your pics on social so we can be there in spirit. Key pictures from the tribe that get the most likes will get major props (maybe even cheese from Madison). We’ll do the same from Madison.

FRIDAY Location: St. Catherine’s Park (67th and 1st Ave) Meet on the southeast corner of the park. 

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