Gonna Have a Good Day

As the member of the NP_BOS co-leader team who has been on the team since BG and Bojan handed us the keys, and who is carrying over into the next era of leadership with my sidekicks friends Chris and Chris, I’m pretty excited to share this first of #EmCsquared’s blog posts with the new boys.  Y’all hear lots and lots from me, and today you’re going to hear excited words from both Chrises.

But before you read on…

remember that WEDNESDAY is not only badass Stadium workout day, but we will be taking #YEARBOOKPHOTOS.  Your dress should be 80’s theme.  And if your dress is less 80s and more “fitness” we’ll still take your photo.  We want everyone there.  #RecruitEveryone  You’ve heard the popular culture phrase, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”  So if you want the world to know you have a lifetime membership to November Project, show up.  If you want to brag that you belong to the weirdest cult (#ItsNotACult) and have pics to prove it, get on down to Allston on Wednesday morning for 5:30am or 6:30am.  If you think you have any excuses left to not show up…take those excuses and roll them up in your hand, slap them across your own cheek, wipe them off your face, lick what’s left off your hand, hock a big loogie, and spit it out like bug spray you accidentally got in your mouth.  Just spit. It. Out.  And then #JustFuckingShowUp.  Boom.  Settled.  See you there.  And everyone you know.  See them there too.  Yup. (Verbal right here, right NOW)

From Chris Payne (the non-orange hat guy, who always yells “ONE” really loud when we do burpees.  It makes me laugh EVERY time.)


That just happened…
1st time leading a November Project workout? CHECK.
First time losing my voice in front of y’all? CHECK.
Fist time having no idea what words were coming out of my mouth as the sun was rising? BIG OLD CHECK.
Was I nervous this morning? You better believe it, but the best thing about leading this gang of yahoos, is you’re leading THIS gang of yahoos. You guys always bring your smiles, your A-game, and a whole lot o’ weird. Did anyone bat an eye when we told you you’d be skipping around holding hands like a bunch of 3rd graders? Not even kind of. This morning was hilarious, nerve-wracking, and all around awesome. If you weren’t there, I’m sorry that you missed out, if you were there, you know what I’m talking about. I want to give a personal thank you to everyone that came out to our first ever workout and put up with our shenanigans.  Also, big thanks to EmSauce for actually keepin us two Chrises on track, otherwise we might have just ended up running around screaming for 30 minutes before Bojan fired our asses. All I know right now as I sit here filled with unbridled excitement, is I’m psyched to be able to bounce with y’all bright and early 3x/week! See you Wednesday. #verbal

C.Payne out.

new coleaders

And from Chris Capozzi (the orange hat dude, who’s smile lights up the whole fucking world)

Straight gold.  Maybe gold-ish Orange. That’s what went down this morning.  Somewhere between that golden sunrise which blew up the world of social media, to the earth-rumbling echos of a few hundred neon-covered yahoos, Boston got weird, the tribe got loud and we got our skip-on.  I will never forget this morning.

If you’ve yet to be blinded by the reflection of a bright, really bright orange hat at a workout recently, we probably haven’t met.  I’d be one of the C’s in #EmCsquared, one of the two who wore a heavy tin arch over my head at the last #betterthanbedtime (you’re welcome world for that sexy photo of Foiles) and now one of the newest co-leaders of NP Boston.  Woah, hold on and let me catch my breath.

I’ve been coming to these workouts happening all across the country for the last 2 years and Boston’s been my home. A member of one of the most badass communities that has pushed me into a world of racing, running and a whole lot of other weird and amazing shit.  This tribe is like the fountain of youth- that’s right, our dude Ponce De Leon had it all wrong, it was right in Boston all along.  Well it’s been discovered and its time to make sure everyone gets a piece of it.

So yeah, that what we’ve got going on here. It’s all sorts of special and gold and weird and orange and whole lotta other things that are soon to be discovered.

And from me, Em, or EmSauce as Csquared calls me:

To Chris and Chris, “MasterCard,” #Csquared.  You two are tolerable. You are adorable.  You are pretty fun.  You are turning my world upside down and I couldn’t be more excited about it. This morning was so great to share with you and I love how much you loved it.  And thank you to this amazing tribe for loving the weird parts of NP.  You make us remember how cool it is to just be real, be fun and funny, and just show up for the good stuff.  We’re changing the world.  Building this worldwide community one workout at a time.


group photo

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