Going back in time…


We’re doing some recapping here, delayed writings but amazing on time workouts! That’s what counts right? Honestly, you show up every Monday, stairs for breakfast, not know what the workout will be, who will show up, and on this day, what the weather will do. This is Calgary, and fortunately for us we are weather proof.

We had one of our past members show his amazing human face, due to illness it kept him away far to long! Welcome back, and the day you choose to come back, it decides to snow.

We still dished out the stairs, and we added sprints and tricep dips at the top of the insane amount of stairs, and of course, its not NPYYC without some core to finish us off. Tammarathon joined the working force again, and today being her first day, still stayed till the very end. The tribe is strong, and the world takeover is real.

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