Goals (YEG)


We all have them. Those wishes, intentions, targets, achievements we want to accomplish. Sometimes we set them as resolutions on January 1st (anyone still working on those?) or maybe they are declared at the beginning of a new school year or season. Sometimes we have goals that are dependant on factors we cannot control – how many of you were wishing for -30 temperatures this winter? Sometimes we have to rely on others to help us accomplish our goals.

There was a goal attained this morning that was a long time in the works. I’m sure the road to today’s achievement included much pestering at family dinners, family concern about a member joining a possible cult, social media scrutiny and event stalking from an NP leader, and probably a reluctant rolling out of the bed at 5:00AM on April 4, 2016 to stay true to a verbal dropped!

Nadim’s goal of having a member of his clan join NP came to fruition today! #boom #goalcrusher I’m pretty sure this came as a result of feeling left out because the Ference’s have been out full force and Tyler sister, while having bailed on a few verbals (guess it runs in the family) has been spotted on NP hills and stairs at 6AM. But it doesn’t really matter why the goal was set, it matters that it was hit today! I felt like I was meeting a long lost brother as we embraced. It’s too early to say that he is my favourite Chin but from what I hear he is a really good singer and that always bumps people up on my list (although the legendary mariachi band Nadim belongs to earns him points as well). Guess we’ll have to see if he comes back…next goal Nadim!


What goals do you have? How can we all help you to achieve them? Share your goal with someone Wednesday but first, answer the following question:

Question: Which of the following titles describes your status this morning?

a. winner
b. non-winner
c. loser
d. all of the above

Correct Answer – d

You are all winners (and at times, sorry, losers today) today! Paper-Rock-Scissors with wind-sprints, jogging laps & body strength exercises was a pretty great sweat-inducing combination that, in my opinion, regardless of what path you took to complete all of those things today, left you all as winners when you parted ways at 6:30.


Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs – 6AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill – 6AM

Until next time…SMILE! J


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