Glad You Made It (YEG)

We say it every morning. Everytime you say it, make sure you mean it. You might not know who you’re saying it to, but that’s ok. There are so many reasons to be thankful for having those people there. These are the people that make November Project what it is. They may not say a word all morning, but maybe you see them running up the stairs and you push yourself to try and catch them. Maybe you see them struggling on their way up, and you’re the one who’s there to pick them up. By having people present, it creates a stronger vibe. We have a more powerful energy when there are more people there. So, next time you give someone that hips-in hug, take a second remind yourself, that you truly are glad they made it.


Better than Bedtime – Black and White – 2pm – Meet right HERE!


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