Girls Rule – Boys Drool (PHL)

The balmy 40 degree weather we had this morning, had leadership thinking – Hey, we don’t have to be running the whole time to keep warm… so why don’t we kick it old school with a Century workout and build up our muscles for the days of shedding layers that are surely right around the corner!?
After a quick warm up of suicides on The Steps, we got down to business.  The men were separated from the ladies and we were tasked with performing 100 of each of the following (in any manner of each team’s choosing) – burpees, squats, sit-ups, push-ups and jumping jacks. This required teamwork and a bit of extra brain strength.

Most of the workout the teams seemed to be neck and neck. However, there were staggered endings on each team. It wasn’t until the ladies of NP PHL were all finalizing their century with 25 more jumping jacks in unison that the clear victor was shown. The ladies of NP PHL won! BOOM! In true November Project fashion all who showed up today were #racingeverything and everyone killed this workout.
We ladies will take you fellas up on a rematch whenever it is that you are ready!

You’re all game-changers, so get out there and have a super excellent day! Share a hug, a high five, a coffee and/or a smile with someone. It could be the best part of their whole day and it surely will help you carry this morning’s high throughout yours!

See y’all Friday at Lemon Hill –

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