Gifting Wednesday (YEG)

Three days into December and I’m sure many of you have already been busy making lists and checking them twice, trying to decide exactly what the perfect gift for your loved ones will be. There has been Black Friday, Cyber Monday, GiveBack Tuesday…so I declared today Gifting Wednesday!

You know what a I think a perfect gift is?…The one you give yourself and others each and every morning that you #justshowup

You gift yourself a perfect start to the morning, a time to move your body, a community of positivity, and an abundance of human interactions all before 6:45 in the morning!

You gift others a perfect start to their morning, a warm hug and appreciation for coming, a high five for encouragement, and a community that invites and embraces all…again all before 6:45 AM!

You gift us a perfect start to our morning, a willingness to do whatever crazy thing we ask, your positive energy, and your love for life.

Today’s advent calendar picture pose was all about your interpretation of a gift box…love your creativity…just so you know…each of you are a gift to the tribe!

Oh…let’s not forget that the Royal Glenora stairs being shoveled so you could run up and down them this morning is a great gift too…thanks City of Edmonton!!

Drop your verbal for Friday’s Emily Murphy Hill repeats here

If you want to join us for the Lululemon NP Yoga Social, put your name on the waitlist by going to this link.

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