Getting Dicey

So I am trying to write this blog between doing my taxes and watching Golden State hopefully make history. One is a much more enjoyable task then the other. Now watching a man like Steph Curry play you can’t help but be a little inspired. So this blog is coming to you in a sports style recap! (thankfully not tax inspired, Box 525: WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO ….beer, food, shoes, food, TAXES  >:( )


TORONTO- Warmup: A little game of rock, paper, scissor, burpee. Essentially loser does 5 burpees, winner gets to watch and gloat.

Game Summary:

Rules: Pick a partner. Roll the die. Do what the die says. Obey the die.

Roster: 23 players.


Injuries: Ellen (work meeting), Andrew (Not disclosed), James (Lower body), Kevin (Lower body), Arden (exam time), Sherab/Ray (Boston bound!!!)

Stats: A lot of burpees. A lot of mountain climber froggers. A lot of squat jump with tucks. A lot of push ups. Some stairs/hills.

Overtime: Planks obvy.


Post Game Highlights:

DSC_0573-2 DSC_0575 DSC_0586 (3) DSC_0578

Call ups from the minors : We had the pleasure of having Alice from LA join us !!! Because she is awesome, she couldn’t join us for the whole thing as she is Boston bound!!!! GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY !!!! Also thanks for the super awesome group shots. We incredulously thank you ????


Player of the game: ALL OF YOU !!!! (though I know for a fact Ms Tiffin threw down a lot of 5s, props lady)


  • NP summit docs are up, get crack-a-lacking! We want you all there! Check out
  • Same link as above for our 5 peaks race info in June! Great pre summit warm up. Trails, trails, trails !!!
  • Next weeks plan…I completely forget but I’m sure its good 🙂

NOTES: Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend my lovelies and get outside and do some running, burpees, bear crawls (everyone’s fav), patio drinking !! I am off to a warmer climate for a few weeks(of course it gets warm now that I am leaving!), I am going to miss you all dearly!! Please keep Sam company for me, you know how those Brits get when they get left alone for too long. See you all in May !!!! xoxoxox

PS: Half time. Golden state: 70 Memphis: 50. Taxes not even started.

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