In no way do we agree or disagree with the intake of THC-laden products. What we do encourage, however, is the celebration of life as we know it. We only get one to live (unless you believe in reincarnation). Even still, we’d rather enjoy this life right now, right here than mope around, hit snooze 17 times, and then complain all day about this thing or that thing. We’re high on life, partaking in the science of hugs, smiles, laughs, sharks and minnows, and maybe some fitness on the side, all of which have been proven to make you a happier, healthier, and longer-living person. IT’S SCIENCE. So don’t argue. JUST. SHOW. UP.

Continue to recruit everyone. Bring friends, family, dogs, neighbors, neighbor’s dogs, your boss, the person next to you at the stoplight, that fella or lady you see on your way to work and smile at and say good morning because you might think they’re cute. Bring their dog too. Whatever. Whoever. Everyone is an athlete and everyone is a mover and a shaker in this city.

So you’re homework is basically this: Recruit someone. Then take a photo (because we know you’ll have your phone/camera on you). Post it. Then hold them to it. Feel free to use any of the following hashtags: #Verbal, #HomeworkComplete #VerbalHarvest, #RecruitEveryone, #JustShowUp, etc. etc. Science, people. SCIENCE.



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