Get Friendly

Dudes.  Ladies.  It’s time to get focused on changing the world.

This worldwide community we are building through our Mon/Wed/Fri workouts in Boston and 29 other cities in the world is powerful and huge because it’s a community.  Because we choose to hug rather than avoid eye contact.  Because we do our best to learn people’s names–even though we’re all really bad at remembering names.  And we’re especially bad when everyone is covered head to toe in winter gear and you don’t really see anyone’s faces until spring.  But we ask and we try–and shit, we make up nicknames or call everyone Chris (it’s a popular name) until you start distinguishing all the Chrises.  But we get friendly and we get to know each other.

We do this INSIDE our tribe–which means our homework every darn MWF from now until, well…until forever is to get really freaking friendly.  Don’t let “I should know their name but I don’t” prevent you from bear hugging the breath out of people when they show up to workouts.  Be excited to see each other because you know how it feels when you walk up to the quite crowd at 6:23, 6:27, 6:29am and someone is like, “OH HEYYYYY!!!” and grabs you in a hug and says they’re glad you’re here.  They ARE glad you’re here.  And you’re glad they’re here, so get out there and tell them.  And when someone being a badass in anyway at all makes a little moment of your workout better, more fun, funnier, faster, weirder, cooler, hotter, wilder, or more awesome…don’t just keep it to yourself.  TELL THEM.

We do this OUTSIDE our tribe–which means that we say hello to strangers, we offer free high-fives when we walk around and run in public places, we hug rather than avoiding eye contact (without being creepy or qualifying as assault… of course!), and we bring the positivity and badassery that we have inside the tribe out into our city and into the world.  Just because we’re all cold and covered up to our eyebrows in winter gear, just because people generally think you’re not supposed to talk to folks you don’t know, and JUST BECAUSE we can include everyone in this wacky fitness thing we’re doing–those are exactly the reasons to get friendly in unexpected, unnecessary, and unruly ways.  Let’s break some rules.  Just like this morning when we got kicked off of the escalator in the Stop & Shop/Walgreens “hospital??” Let’s not just break rules for the sake of it, but let’s definitely shake some things up in the effort to get some free fitness and make new friends along the way.  Get. Friendly.

This morning, we worked out in a cool plaza outside of JP Licks on Huntington Ave.  We did men vs. women.  Dudes vs. Ladies.  Boys vs. Girls.  Pens vs. Vagis.  These teams worked to tally as many reps of the circuit as possible during the 22 min workout.  The circuit was a sprint up the stairs and around the planter, back down the stairs to the outside of the plaza.  Two-footed frog hops down the sidewalk to the corner, then into the middle of the plaza for 10 tricep dips on the boxes/benches, 10 partner sit-ups, and 10 pushups before marking your lap with chalk and repeating the circuit.  The men get the award for “neatest tally marks.” The women get the award for “biggest team.”  The men get the award for “most compact cluster of people during dips/situps/pushups.” The women get the award for “loudest cheering.” And the men get the award for the most repetitions of the circuit.  Chris Payne counted the dudes reps as 293 and I counted the women’s reps as 269. Everyone crushed it and it was super fun.

We’re gonna get real friendly this winter.  Bring your friends, bring their friends, make new friends and bring them.  Let’s keep changing the world! See you WEDNESDAY at the stadium.

The Tribe is Strong.

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