Get Busy

Sometimes I feel busy.  Like really busy.  Sometimes I’m certain that it’s impossible to keep up with all the cool shit going on in the Tribe (nevermind in the world) and having a life outside of NP makes it even busier (read “exciting, awesome, and fulfilling”).

But seriously, I feel like my social media feeds were out of control with local excitement (BAA half-marathon), east coast excitement (Newport half-marathon), and some no-coast excitement (Chicago marathon).  So many other people are also deep in their training for NYC marathon, Philly half- or full marathons, and more.  We are a #RaceEverything, FITNESS community and we’re representing November Project and all it stands for pretty darn well.  Congratulations to all the runners, and #FUCKYEAH to all the NP cheers, support, and encouragement.  #TheTribeIsSoFuckingStrong.

In these days of so much activity in life and on the social media, it’s easy to be too busy.  So busy that the things that really matter and make a positive difference in our lives get overlooked–passed by in exchange for things that are more pressing and more immediately in our faces. Like when the fire alarm goes off, you drop everything and deal with the fire–but when every day is like there are fire alarms going off all the time, it becomes too much.

I realize that being at NP is one of those things that keeps me feeling grounded and balanced.  When I go, I’m good.  While we may be surprised by the actual workout, we generally know what to expect.  And even when the “fires” come up in life, they’re a little easier to handle when the rest of my routine is normal.  But I have one of those jobs that makes me travel sometimes and the weeks lately when I’ve been at 0 or 1 NP workout, it makes everything feel a little off kilter.  For me it’s NP workouts and a few other key things that keep me feeling good, maintaining my fitness, and keeping me connected to hugs and the people I love being around.  What is it for you?  Is it NP?  And if it is, are you making it a priority by getting to bed on time, laying out your clothes the night before and setting a couple of alarms, #verbaling to a friend, and simply showing the fuck up (not deciding if you’ll go after the alarm goes off, because we all know how that goes…)?

Let’s decide to not let life get too busy, to keep the important things dialed into our focus, and to get busy doing the stuff that keeps us grounded and feeling good.  I’m pretty sure the rest of the stuff in life will be less of a fire alarm that way.  And if you’re committing to coming to Wednesday this week, do it now.  #VERBAL here 

Really, do it ^^

The Destination Deck this morning was highlighted by the FIRETRUCK that sent it’s ladder bucket high up in the air to take our group photo.  (special thanks to BFD Fireman Mike Holt, of the Erica, Piper and Charlie Holt family).   We did 16 hard minutes of work in teams of 5.  We used both ends of the park.  At one end, we did partner leg throw-downs and the standing partner also did air squats while the leggy partner’s legs were going down and up.  At the other end, we did plank holds and burpees.  This created 4 stations of work for each team, while one runner ran from one end of the park, around the outside on the sidewalks, to the other side.  The challenge was to count burpees and do more than your teammates when they had their turn.  Burpees during that 16 minutes is what you should track today: record your scores.

Have a great day.  Get busy being busy in the best ways.  See y’all in the stadium on Wednesday.


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