Gentle reminders on life being great- BAL

A gentle reminder on making life great ( I promise it’s not all about me) 

We don’t have many pictures from this morning. That’s what happens when i’m left alone for a week. I run out of clean underwear, I eat cereal three meals a day and I forget to take pictures. Cut me some slack, you’re already tagged in 3,000 photos anyway!

This beaut made a comeback today
This beaut made a comeback today

This morning got off to a slow start when I somehow managed to describe something that was clearly not an arch as an arch and sent all of you running up the hill for something that wasn’t there. For that I apologize, but it brought me to a wonderful conclusion. Bear with me, i’m going to tell a little story.

Over a year and a half ago we got the crazy idea to start a “tribe.” We wanted people to wake up at the ass crack of dawn, hug, cuss and ultimately run some stairs with us. That turned out to be a tall order and for over a year, because of how hard it turned out to be to grow something like that, I had one single focus: “Get more people to NP.” That turned out to be the wrong focus and I learned that not too long ago. This morning, however, confirmed that fact for me. I sent 40+ people on a wild goose chase to some monument that doesn’t exist and you just rolled with it. People are human, we make mistakes and after all, the tribe isn’t some $500 boot camp…the tribe is a community and that community relies on you. Not me, not Pat or Syd, not any other single person. It only works as a unit.  We as “co-leaders” do our best to make NP the best damn experience it can be, but ultimately the best experiences are had when you turn to some stranger and you welcome them into your community.

Again I was struck when our friend Emily Lobaugh posted in our group about a run tomorrow morning. 1 person on a run turned into 3, then into 8, then into…14? Where else do 14 people decide they want to wake up at 6am on a Saturday and run together? Our community is epically awesome.

I guess, all of that is to say this. Life is a really fucking good thing. That’s where the “Fuck Yeah” we yell every morning comes from, an affirmation of how awesome our lives are.   Today was a gentle reminder that having all of you, all you oldies, all you newbies, all you Friday folks, all you Wednesday folks,all you all the time folks make my life infinitely richer. I hope, no matter how long you’ve been coming, you recognize that. All of the folks around you make life way better and the Fuck Yeahs way stronger.

So…Thank you guys. Thank you for letting Pat, Syd and I lead you through a ridiculous bounce for over a year and a half. Thank you for being some of my best friends. Thank you for rolling with all of the workouts, even when they’re sloppy. Thank you for hugging and fuck yeahing. Thank you for believing in this community.  Thank you for reminding me that even if, for some unknown reason, only three of you decided to show up, that would be enough. It’s not about the numbers anymore, it’s about the community we’ve got. New people are inevitably drawn to good things.

Whether today was your first day ( looking at you Balthazar) or your 200th, I hope some day you feel as good about a community as I do about this one. Hopefully that community is NP.

Ok…maybe this one was all about me.

As always, Take big bites out of life.


Reminder: July 29’th: Shoe drive for Back on My Feet during P.R Day.  Check it out here


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