Further then you can throw an acorn (YEG)


It really is that simple. The other day there was a question posted to our Facebook page, Nadim, being much more social media savvy then me quickly responded to the inquiry (FYI our NPCanada FB page has a 100% response rate with an average 10 min response time…I think that’s pretty good…nice work Nadim…nice stats FB!)…anyway, back to my point…here’s the question and Nadim’s clever response:



It’s true…all you need to do is #justshowup! We are moving into August and we would love to introduce more of your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and any random people we see out and about to this amazing community. If you need any gems, convincing recruiting lines like the one above contact Nadim…he’s got them all!

For all of you who just showed up this morning – it was great to see you run those hills!! Great seeing newbies, those who showed up because they were shamed after reneging on their Wednesday verbal, a tribie from DC and all of the rest of you who started your Friday barking at the moon, eating hills for breakfast and sharing sweaty hugs with some of the raddest people in Edmonton!

Long weekend earned! See you all Monday!

Next Week’s Locations

Holiday Monday: Show up at this cool location at the Alberta Legislature

Wednesday: Gate 2 – Commonwealth Stadium

Friday: Emily Murphy Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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