Fun & Games From Coast to Coast

By Laura the Traveling PT

SF tribe ran to a waterfall in Golden Gate Park and ran up hundreds of steps followed by a steep hill. This workout is no joke. The tribe then climbed into the waterfall, hugged the newbies, and danced our way to work. Laura figured out a way to run with the boombox…it has changed lives. The pictures are terrible, but I blame the cloud that we live in.



By BG the Brother of Dan Graham
Goldie and I are here from Boston for the week. We are celebrating life and independence with friends and family. While we’re here we are able to train at least two times with the friendly faces of NP MSN. The group has exploded now that the warm weather is here. The dogs are out, the hugs are expected, and the training is hard. My older brother is doing an amazing job of creating bad@$$ workouts and keeping everyone encouraged. If you find yourself in the Midwest any time this summer, fall, winter, spring, and so on, you should join these racers for an amazing time. The (MSN) tribe is strong.


by Bojan the Serbian

Today we broke the attendance record for a single workout. Some may say there were 500 people. Some may say there were 600. All we know is that on the hot, humid day, a lot of Bostonians came out to play on the steps of Harvard stadium.

Andrew Ference

#PositivityAward went to the guy that recruits new NP members full time and plays professional hockey for fun, our boy Deniz brought some ice cream for after-workout refreshments, and our group photo was a video. On Friday, we’re sweating out all the 4th of July beers and hot dogs in the hills of Brookline. #TheTribeIsStrong

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