Full of Hot Air (YEG)

I don’t think that Nadim, Andrew or I would ever be surprise if people thought we were full of hot air during one of our morning bounces or after reading one of Nadim’s random blog posts.

But this morning, the only hot air around was the air lifting the balloon up into the sky, setting off the beautiful back drop for our morning of hill repeats.


Field trip month continued this today with Victoria Road Hill; the long, gradual, never ending hill that provides the most majestically views of our beautiful city. This morning I asked you to push yourself: to go beyond those moments when your mind is asking you to slow down, to take 5 more strides, to pick up the pace, to look ahead and challenge your perceived limits. Great job to all who took up the challenge!

There’s a lot happening in our great city in the next little while: we have pride week with our own Josh spearheading the first every Edmonton Pride Run next Saturday, we are playing host to FIFA Women’s World Cup – our city will do Canada very proud, there are a bunch of city big wigs in town for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference (we even had one out spying on us this morning from the East Coast!…I think he wants his own November Project…yes, the quest for world domination continues!) Hopefully with all of the visitors in town we will be able to recruit some more newbies and share this incredible community we call November Project!

Monday’s Field Trip will take us to Louise McKinney Park, Shaw Conference Centre Flags. See you all there – Bounce Commences at 5:59 SHARP!

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