This morning we got out of our mother fucking beds, to commute our mother fucking asses, to the mother fucking hill. Sorry about that guys. That wasn’t really the vibe I wanted to start with, do you mind if I start over? Great.

Take 2: HeyyyyyO! Happy Friday friends! What a great day on Summit Ave. This Friday location is somewhat fixed on the map of our training week. If you’re reading this and you have not yet come to a hill session with us, you need to make that happen as soon as you can (next week).

The term “full frontal” is referring to the Brookline side of Summit Ave that takes our racers from Beacon Street to the Park. We bagged a simple 6 and moved on with the rest of our day. Check out the photos from this morning on our facebook page. It’s mostly just bunch of people hurdling over BG.

MONDAY will be the next chance to gather with the full-loving friends and cut-neck racers of November Project. We’ll hold our #DestinationDeck at the Back Bay Train station (I’ve got a 7AM train to catch and need to get my dose before leaving town. My train will bring me back in time for the Wednesday workout. Hashtag_NP_Lifestyle). Check the map here if your newbie ass can’t figure out where we’re talkin’ about.

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BetterThanBedtime2: Will be Sunday, August 4th from 5:00PM until 9:00PM. To be clear, the required run to the destination party (capacity of 500) will leave from the centrally located spot AT 5:00PM sharp. #GrassrootsGear required if you like respect and heart-felt hugs. We’ll be painting from 4:00PM until the run. Bring your AM game to this PM event. Recruit every last pair of legs and butt cheeks. Namaste.

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