Fuel Up

HILLS FOR BREAKFAST!  Get your hills for breakfast here!

There’s nothing better than a free breakfast to fuel your day.  Especially one that consists of hills, hugs, and happiness.  This humid Friday morning served up front hills with a little cross-country spice that included leaping a trash barrel and doing burpees if you got tagged running up the grassy hill.  If you were there, you fueled up your body with the heaping pile of hills you ran.  You fueled up your heart with hugs and an incredible collective of weird, wonderful, sweaty human beings.  And you fueled up your mind because running makes you smarter and more focused.  Just ask science.

It’s like the gas station, the nutrition depot, the free phone re-charging station at the airport where 10 people sit like sardines around the little pole, the drinking fountain after recess in elementary school, and the line at the ice cream store on free ice cream cone day.   We get filled up on the important things when we #JustShowUp.  Important things like movement, challenge, hugs, community, positivity, weirdness, and motivation. (Ice cream and cold water from a spout with lots of peoples’ germs love on it are super important too.)

We also fuel up on something bigger than all that in this movement.  November Project is bigger than our workouts in 19 cities in North America.  It is bigger than healthier people who figure out how to be #weatherproof, #weatherspoof, and #weatheraloof.  It is way, way bigger than any of us as individuals.  It is a movement of positivity, kindness, and inclusiveness that this world NEEDS.  We need to be reminded that while there is hurt and hate, and fear in this world, we are countering those forces with our simple actions.  We recruit everyone, not just some people.  We hug everyone, we support and encourage everyone, and we stay committed to taking all that fuel we get while we’re at NP and putting it into the world for everyone to get fueled by.  We are creating a worldwide community through our free workouts.  We are changing the world by being the kind human beings who are not overcome by weather, hard workouts, hate, anger, or anything that gets in our way.  We will keep showing up, getting fueled up, and fueling this world with all that good stuff.

give some extra hugs today–you never know who might need it.


Record your hill repeats from this morning.

Monday Destination Deck is in Brookline…all you Friday hill runners need to be there because it’s NOT too far away.  Verbal now and get the exact location. We will be QUIET for the workout on Monday, so get super stealthy and JUST SHOW UP!

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