#FuckYourTreadmill. Congrats to Whiney Kemp – #PositivityAward

Today’s news & scores (post) will not go into the concepts around getting back in shape, the New Year, and braving the cold at November Project. Today you won’t read too many hashtaggy lines about being #weatherproof. You won’t even get an expected dose of our overly hyped and wildly SOLD OUT #BostonNinjaRace (PS: Get on the waiting list, you’ll get in, we know the people making this event happen… oh yeah, that’s us). Perhaps we’ll go into hyping the WED group that came out this week to a snow/ice covered stadium and did a river loop run without flinching? Nope, not them either. No, no, we don’t have time to cover any of that.

Today we have better things to discuss. One thing. That thing is a person…

Whitney Kemp. Read the name again but this time I want you to read it slower and let it roll off your tongue. Ready? Wwwwwwwhitneeyyyyy Keeeemmmmmmmmmp. Whitney Kemp came to the November Project tribe back in the late summer of 2012. With her quiet first impression and unknown fitness level she began day one at the 37 section monster that she now calls home. Fast forward a few months later and Whitney Kemp is the tribe member with some of the largest improvements, some of the most amazing photos on FB, THE most #GrassrootsGear in her closet, one of the best records of attendance, and one of the best attitudes around town. She’s all about the NOON S&SY on Saturday, her new life hitting the local WOD at Back Bay CrossFit, and is a regular Sunday’s #Runch crew. She, Whitney Kemp, is in all pods of this giant community that we’ve built. She, Whitney Kemp, is today’s #PositivityAward recipient.

Its been awesome to see Whitney find new friends and PR’s every month along the way at November Project. Congrats Whitney Kemp.

Her name is Whitney Kemp.

We are always looking for positivity.
Nominate someone for the #PositivityAward by stalking the tribe on FB and let us know who you like.
Nominate someone for the #PositivityAward by mentioning who you think should win it to Bojan or BG.
Nominate someone for the #PositivityAward by sending us a DM over Twitter (@Nov_Project).

Today’s scores coming soon. This rant was far more important than adding the workout. Stay tuned.

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