From All Walks of Life (SEA)

When we make the decision to (#just) show up on Wednesday mornings, there’s really no way to know anything about the person you’re hugging, high-fiving, racing, or whatever else it is we do during these (now very dark) mornings.  There’s no way to know that Brian is the Chief Strategy Officer at a digital agency, or that Gabe is a Partner and Production Director at an advertising agency, or that Chelsea is a Producer for a division of Microsoft that creates video games (you’ll never guess!), or that Mary is the Director of Finance at a payroll company, or that Kevin is the CEO of company that makes electrolyte tablets to help athletes hydrate.  So what’s my point?  The point is, this city is a fucking melting pot of unique individuals and our tribe is a magnet that pulls people from all walks of life to meet for something we all can enjoy: fitness and community.

While the list of men and women I just named are all highly-successful and truly inspiring professionals, there’s an equally long list of folks who are still deciding where they want to take the next stage of their lives.  If you’re Kelsey, you’re working three jobs and busy balancing schedules and making time for life which never seems to slow down.  Or you’re Max and you’re considering making a career change after founding his own company.  Or you’re Jason and after a rewarding year of raising his daughter, he’s looking to get back to work to continue to provide for his family.  Again, what’s my point?  There are countless amazing people that show up on Wednesdays and we’re all brought together by this beautiful movement: November Project.

Meet people.  Meet everyone.  Meet every single person you can because each of them has a story and I’d be willing to bet that most of them would be open to sharing it.  This tribe wouldn’t be what it is if we arrived at the park at 6:30am and went for an 60 minute run each week.  I’m sure it would get us in shape, but that’s just the start of what we’re doing.  Take it one step further and learn everything you can about each person you come in contact with at November Project.  Then, when you’re done doing that, apply it your life outside of NP.  You’ll be happy you did.

Onward and upward, folks.  The tribe is strong.

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