Frogman1 Wednesday

I feel a little like I’m in southern CA right now.  “oh look, another beautiful day…sunny, 70s…just gonna throw on my running shoes and head out in the beautiful early morning light and get my sweat on.” No, we don’t need 17 layers anymore to keep us from freezing to death, we just need to remember to bring water so we don’t sweat to death.  We are still #weatherproof, though some days we have to acknowledge that the meteorological conditions don’t challenge us quite the same.  Ok, we’re bordering on #weatherspoof conditions.  But we deserve it after the wild and intense winter.  It’s days like today that make me appreciate how hard we worked to get our fitness all through the winter.  And it’s days like today, when we put our heads down and set out to crush 50 sections of Frogman1, that make me appreciate how hard we work each week to maintain and build our fitness.

Doing ANY sections is more than 99.99999999% of the world does every Wednesday morning.  Doing more than last week, and breaking PRs, and surprising yourself by doing the full tour, or staying through both workouts to eat up 75, 100 (or more!) sections, well that my friends, is how we are changing the world.  We’re making ourselves better and a whole lot of us accomplished things this morning that are worth celebrating, posting about, and remembering.  (Track your time and/or sections for today you badasses!)  Maybe it’s a part of your routine and you have no doubt, “I’ll be there.”  But there are still a whole lot of people who need, and they really WANT some fitness and some rock solid community–and they’re not joining us in any of the #NewsCh19 tribes on Wednesday mornings.


This is the good you can do in the world.

#RecruitEveryone means that you meet people in the world and you invite them to come to November Project.  There’s no need to shame, guilt, or force people.  Strong encouragement and an offer to run with, ride with, or pick someone up for the workout is a good idea.

#RecruitEveryone means you don’t overlook the people you see everyday at home, work, in your neighborhood, at the coffee shop, or at lunch.  Even the people on the bus, train, or carpool.  They deserve free fitness too.  This community isn’t just about US being awesome badasses in our little well-established group of people who already come.  This community is GRASSROOTS…building all the time…growing and evolving.  So get the fuck out there and start reminding the world why NP exists.  We are happier, healthier people when we move our bodies, race and challenge ourselves, and do it with some friends.  Hugs are a huge plus.  Nose boops bring it to a whole new level.  We have it all here at NP.


So go, be positive, encouraging, inviting and welcoming members of the world today.  And #RecruitEveryone.  Make a goal to bring someone with you next week.  Who will verbal for that…?

Keep changing the world.

(nose boop)

middle E of #DEE…out.

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