Frogman1 Again

If you missed it, then you missed a big beautiful day at the stadium.  If you were there, then you noticed some, if not all, of the following important things:

  • THE WORKOUT: We ran Frogman1 workout: 50 sections spread from sections 37 to 13 and back.  You can record your time/sections in the tracker here.
  • THE BADASSES: Some weirdos took advantage of this to do back-to-back 5:30 and 6:30 workouts, which if you do the math, means they ran 100 sections this morning.  This is also known as a “century.”  This is also known as fierce as fuck.
  • THE BIRTHDAYS: There were exactly 4 women who celebrated birthdays with NP this morning.  Many BOOMs.
  • THE POSITIVITY AWARD: Amina took home a wooden oar (not “war”) handle called the Positivity Award, for being an awesome human being & tribe member, among other fitness-y and positivity-y kinds of things. If you couldn’t tell–she’s f*ckin’ awesome.
  • THE LEADERSHIP: Capozzi Capozziied from his couch this morning because he had knee surgery yesterday, but we are sending him tons of well wishes and “get better soons” and dick pics and poop jokes because we know he loves all of those.
  • THE NEWBIES: The newbie group was particularly large this morning–which means #worldtakeover is real.  (make sure you hug those Newbies good and hard when you meet them because the best newbie is the newbie who becomes a regular, who becomes the core of the tribe.  They’re in your hands!)
  • THE VERBALS: In the warmer weather and bright sunshine, lots of people showed up today.  There were also a record number of “We Missed You” posts sent to us…so keep sending in those lovingly embarrassing posts.  Or, better yet, #honortheverbal and Show The Fuck Up!

We’ll see you Friday, 6:29am at the top of Summit Ave.

Be there.  Be on time.  Be quiet.  Be ready to bounce, hug, run. Be all that you can be. Be yourself.



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