Friday Shout Outs (YEG)

Shout out to everyone who slipped at the top of the hill. Shout out to rumble strips. Shout out to everyone who was on time and got to throw a snowball or two at a Flames fan. Shout out to snowballs. Shout out to everyone who helped push SUVs, trucks, and tiny cars out of the parking lot this morning. Shout out to discovering All-Wheel Drive in your SUV after 5 minutes of being pushed. Shout out to The Plow King who made it so much icier to drive out of the parking lot. Shout out to DJ Digger. Shout out to Rebecca Black for creating my Friday jam. Shout out to everyone who wasn’t dreaming at 6am. Shout out to NP Indy. Shout out to photographers who capture badass athletes. Shout out to badass athletes. Shoutout to photoshoppers who increase our badassivity factor.

I’m usually the last car out the lot on Fridays because it gives me peace of mind to know that everyone is on their way home. Today, I left two tribe members alone to fend for themselves on their drive up the parking lot. They stuck around to push every car. For all I know, they could be stuck down there at this very moment. I think the two of them will be able to survive for a few days, since they’ve been coming consistently since last summer. I’ll try and stop by there tonight and drop off some warm food and blankets.

Since I know you all want to look good for spring, we’ll be at MC College. Don’t be late. You will get snowballs thrown at you. And if they all melt, If there are no snowballs to throw at you, we will throw rocks.


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