Friday Funday


Another solid showing for Edmonton today. The numbers are too many to count. We had someone drive in last night from 2 hours away so he could join us this morning. People are also bringing their dogs for the runs. I heard we had some PBs on the hill today and as always, hugs!

On Monday we will meet at William Hawrelak Park. See the map below.

Photo credit: Isthmus

Our Madison tribe is getting some nice local media coverage.


Boston tribe was racing the clock this morning. Workout was to pick from three available time options of 35, 40, or 45 minutes and try to squeeze as many hills as possible in that time slot. Racing the clock is the battle that you will always lose as the seconds will tick away at the same pace regardless of how fast or slow you may be running. I personally like this workout for purely selfish reasons and that is that everyone is done around same time for the group photo. Gotta know your priorities.

Our #DestinationDeck will be in Boston Navy Yard. Plan on to run there for a 6:28am meetup.

All of you racers battling it out this weekend at your marathons, road, trail, or relay races go fast and have fun! #WeekendEarned

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