#FourFULL @Nov_Project – Friday Sunrises Can't Be Beat

Today we went up and over. That’s right. Over the hill on Summite Ave… and just kept going.

The park we always meet for our hill sessions pay for research paper on Friday morning on Summit Ave is called Corey Hill Outlook Park. Bet you didn’t know that. Anyway, after a few power-whisper FUCK YEAH‘s and NICE TO MEET YOU‘s, we headed off to the bottom of Beacon to begin one of 4 “full” hills. The climb up, over, down to Corey Road, and back on up to the park was just one of the 4 delights we took down as a tribe. From the very first climb back up from Corey Road to Corey Hill Outlook Park (check the map – this is all real talk) the warm (looking) sunrise was an easy reminder that FUCK YEAH we are alive, FUCK YEAH we are rad, and FUCK YEAH we should be proud for training at this hour. #MorningProof

I think we can all admit that there was something very powerful in the air and it wasn’t just the bush pile of stanked layers of running gear. Great work this morning. As usual, but maybe more in the dead middle of winter…#TheTribeIsStrong

MONDAY: The Run-Deck-Run AKA Destination Deck will meet at Titus Sparrow Park in Boston’s own South End. 6:30AM. Bring a deck and be ready to sprint.

November Project ran a longer version of the usual Friday hill this morning.
The sunrise was amazing.
Tons of awesome booties got even more awesome.
The #BostonNinjaRace is 1.5 weeks away.

Name # of Sections Time
Drew Beesley 4FULL 35:59:00
Morgan B 4FULL 43:10:00
Anna K 4FULL 43:30:00
Joseph Esch? 4FULL 43:53:00
Kent Buckham 4FULL 44:00:00
Nelson K 4FULL 44:00:00
Chris M 4FULL 44:05:00
Sebastian 4FULL 44:06:00
Neil 4FULL 44:30:00
L.Smith 4FULL 45:00:00
Adriel K 4FULL 47:00:00
Car.Shannon 4FULL 47:12:00
Ari 4FULL 47:32:00
JLQ 4FULL 48:38:00
McIntire 4FULL 50:00:00
Jess Colgan-Snyder 4FULL 51:10:00
Dan Phipps 4FULL 51:50:00
Danielle DH 4FULL 53:37:00
Casey B 4FULL 53:42:00
Burkie 4FULL 54:00:00
Kristen B 4FULL 55:00:00
Andrew Schwartz 4FULL 55:45:00
Steve H 4FULL 56:16:00
Stuart Wall 4FULL 59:31:00
Brigitte G 4FULL 60:00:00
Noah Tobin 4FULL 63:00:00
Emily P. 4FULL 63:30:00
Seth P 4FULL 63:30:00
Jillie Stout 4FULL 64:00:00
Matt Collett 4FULL 64:00:00
Arnout Schepers 4FULL ?
Tim Connelly 4FULL ?
Derrick 4FULL ?
Ian Nurse 4FULL ?
Scott Long 4FULL ?
Casey Vallot 4FULL ?
Kelly Stecker 4FULL ?
Mieke 4FULL ?
Xiao 4FULL ?
Kaitlin Pace 4FULL ?
Alan Sh 4FULL ?
Akte? Grurch? 4FULL ?
Renata K 4FULL ?
Adam A 4FULL ?
Jim S 4FULL ?
Adrienne Pereira 4FULL ?
Kelsey K 3FULL 23:00
Celia M 3FULL 23:00
Lauren Goodman 3FULL 36:00:00
Kate K 3FULL 36:27:00
Jason M 3FULL 37:00:00
Kyle Karschnic 3FULL 40:00:00
Catriona Kayes 3FULL 40:00:00
Karen Lynch 3FULL 40:00:00
Sarah Moret 3FULL 40:00:00
Sarah Murray 3FULL 43:15:00
Colinator 3FULL 44:00:00
Erin Sunderland 3FULL 45:00:00
Scott Gilroy (OG) 3FULL 47:55:00
Kirsten O 3FULL 47:55:00
Tessa Haynes 3FULL 50:00:00
Chns? Haynes 3FULL 50:00:00
Tara Conley 3FULL 50:00:00
Brandon Milardo 3FULL 50:24:00
Luci 3FULL 50:35:00
Dani 3FULL 50:45:00
Emily Crawford 3FULL 53:00:00
Jessica Sellgman 3FULL 53:00:00
Elizabeth Eyever 3FULL 60:00:00
Amanda Ayers 3FULL ?
Whitney Kemp 2FULL ?
Chad Verry 2FULL ?
Lauren Dibble 2FULL ?
Amy M 2FULL ?
Steve C 2FULL ?
Dour? Weapons? 2FULL ?
Alissa M 2FULL ?
Kathleen M 2FULL ?
Katy Driscol 2FULL ?
Nikki Cohen 2FULL ?
Alexa Muhs 2FULL 38:47:00
Deborah Heines 2.5? 30:00:00
Adeline Moya 2.5? 55:00:00
Denise Hwang 2.5? ?
M.ROCK (BigUPs) 2.5? ?
Berteletti ? 30:00?
Vicki G 2.74 40:00:00
Nick Panerello 3.5? ?
Amiel B 3.5? 42:00:00
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4 Replies to “#FourFULL @Nov_Project – Friday Sunrises Can't Be Beat”

  1. Did you guys know the old dude who is out there every Friday actually walks those hills for like 45 min every day? He thinks it’s amusing we run up and down the same hill 1x/wk

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