Four Score & Seven Burpees Ago

JK, JK. There were no burpees today. Today was PR day. Today was race day. Today was see how many god damn reps you can do in 25 minutes… day. Today was also a continuation of #BACKTOSCHOOL month, which is almost over! BRING MORE SCHOOL SUPPLIES to our workouts. We’re donating them to Larkin Street Youth Services. It’s a good cause, people! Thank you to those who have already donated! I’ll be taking a caravan of people over to target soon, get at me if you want to come with!

Today’s theme was History Class, and the tribe was challenged to dress up like a famous figure from history. The prize? This pair of headphones from Sol Republic. Kudos to all who dressed up, and a BIG congrats to Mitch Westwood, who crafted a dinosaur head specifically for this occasion. The contest was not who can come dressed up as the OLDEST historical figure, Mitch, but if it were, you clearly would have won. Rock steady, Mitch. Rock steady. We appreciate you.

I personally dressed up as Abe Lincoln because I’m tall and weird looking and I love the theater. Paddy brought a horse head on a stick and claimed to be some sort of drunk Irish jockey. Or at least I assume he was drunk because I couldn’t understand a damn word he way saying — but I suppose that’s nothing new. Maybe he didn’t even say Jockey? Do the Irish play hockey? Anyways, I went as Abraham Lincoln and Paddy went as a dish of drunken Irish teriyaki. It was delicious.

Lincoln Memorial

Amber decided not to pluck her unibrow last night and so unintentionally showed up as Frida Kahlo. JK, JK. It was face paint and it was planned. I’m just glad she kept a #VERBAL for the first time in months! You should see the We Missed You post her mattress wrote to her. It’s a tearjerker!

  • Tomorrow night we have RECRUITING PAPERS 2.0!!! Bitters, Bock, & Rye, 7:00pm. BE THERE! Bring cardboard.
  • THIS FRIDAY, September 26th, we’ll be running a stair and bridge circuit course in place of Friday hills. It’s going to be fucking awesome. Trust me. We’ll meet at the Justin Herman Plaza, 6:23am!
  • Next Wednesday is the biggest day of our NPSF life. Next Wednesday we crack 200. We had 99 today. Ninety-fucking-nine. The tribe is strong, the tribe is growing, the tribe is reaching for #3014IN2014 and the tribe is gonna get it.




We love you all. #JUSTSHOWUP



Ben – 18

Josh – 16.5

Jide – 16

Hofius – 16

Ryan – 15

Josh – 15

Katy – 14

Greg – 14

Kendal – 14

Tim – 14

Danielle – 13

Kristyn – 13

Charles – 13

Jonah – 12

Lillian – 12

Tantek – 11.5

Stivers – 11.5, 290 Push-ups (BTW, Stivers, push-ups don’t count on PR Day, but we still love you)

Leslie – 11.5

Nathan – 11

Amber – 10

Sabrina – 6

Wayne – 2


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