Fountain Wars (YEG)

Happy Heritage Day!

A holiday Monday deserves to begin with a splash and so with that in mind, Nadim worked his magic and had the fountains start up right before this morning’s bounce. He is quite the wizard/magician/sorcerer…I don’t know how he does it but he makes the waters dance! A perfect setting for this morning’s fountain wars (pretty much bridge wars but instead of running over the water we ran through the water).

Last week Nadim and I offered up a once in a lifetime, full access opportunity for you all to ask us anything you wanted…turns out maybe we aren’t as interesting as we thought we are as you didn’t really have many prying questions for us. So we thought we’d offer up some answers to some questions we thought we might get asked…we were prepared for almost anything. So here you go…prepare to be enlightened 😉

How old are you? JEN: 38  NADIM:  I act like I’m 8 and I look like I’m 15 and I’ve been around for 31 years.
What time is your NP alarm clock set for? to what sound? JEN: 5:00, uplift, it is kind of annoying but better then Rob’s radiate  NADIM: 4:50am and it is a song by a Canadian band called Limblifter, “Wake Up to the Sun”
Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to? JEN: Kenya, grade 9 with my family and we took a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara  NADIM: (Winnipeg? It was a cool -43) South Africa. My parents grew up there.
Favourite part about being an NPCanada leader? least favourite? JEN: the people are my favourite, cleaning stencils are my least favourite…that’s why I try and get my dad to do that for me when he visits…he’s the best! NADIM: seeing people grow every day. Speed, distance, confidence.. Whatever it is, those small gains helps you realize that you can overcome anything if you take it one small step at a time.  Least favourite thing – putting up with Jen’s safety concerns. #safetythird. Seriously though, cleaning stencils would be my least favourite thing.
What do you eat before an NP morning? JEN: nothing but a piece of gum, not great but because there usually aren’t any bathrooms at the workouts and I don’t want to get up earlier, it’ll have to do NADIM: 2 slices of toast and peanut butter. And about a litre of water.
Favourite non-NP thing to do? JEN: hanging with my family and enjoying our latest netflix tv series NADIM: Hanging out with friends. And checking out some great restaurants in the city.
Star Wars or Star Trek? JEN: Star Wars, Princess Leia was my favourite and the ewoks are the best! NADIM: 10 years ago, I lived in Toronto, and somehow my roommate and I convinced the agent at Bell to change our call ID to Darth Vader. The sound of confusion on people’s voices when you called them was priceless.
What other NP city workouts have you been to? JEN: Madison  NADIM: San Diego. Madison. Boston. Winnipeg. Calgary.
How many items of grassroots gear do you own? JEN: about 20 NADIM: Too many.
Cucumbers or Pickles? JEN: Pickles  NADIM: Cucumbers

See you all on Wednesday…GATE 2 Commonwealth Stadium…5:58

Until next time…SMILE! J

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