Stepping up to the fourth hole, its a par three so most are looking to use a six iron off the tee.  The hole is a dog leg left here, so you want to make sure you dont slice it off the tee.  Looks to be going for the green.  WOOOSSSHHH.  The ball looks to have what it takes to make it there.  Rolling, rolling, no.  YES.  HOLE IN ONE.  BOOOOOOM.

So that was going through my head, in a Jim Nantz voice akin to the tone he takes when broadcasting The Masters every year.  But, as I quickly learned today, people seriously have no idea how to play or the rules of golf.  Now, there were a few exceptions: Massey going calling out birdie-bridie-eagle ealy into his round, Kulig showing up looking like he was going go straight from the workout to the clubhouse, two Tiger Woods, and then the counteless of those dressed for the early round they got in before work.


Although the greens were a bit slow today, most got out of the gates quick.  Lots of back-to-back eagles’ for people through two.  But stepping up to that Par 5 was where the course conditions today really started to play a toll on the speed of play and how the players were chasing low scores.  But once the wind settled, the players really got after it out there.  The gallery was on hand for an extraordinaire day.  Congrats to all of our competitors out there today.  Truly remarkable what they accomplished out there.

IMG_3817UPDATED FRIDAY LOCATION: Pumphouse Park, 6:28 a.m. 

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