For The Love of The Newbie Group

Great work today over 40 sections of the Harvard Stadium. Next week we’re looking to see some pretty fast racing here in Boston for our full “tour.”

When we ask for those who are new in the group to raise their hands high & proud and we’re lucky to see a gang of happy, confused, and excited faces attached to those limbs… well, we get excited… some would say JAZZED. The “newbie group” is a welcoming place where we ask questions, laugh, hug, and break down what November Project is all about. The new faces get to know one another before chasing the “big kids” inside the stadium. The “newbie group” has hosted current/local NHL greats as well as olympic gold medalists, along side men and women in their 50’s and 60’s and teens. Why is this “newbie group” an important feature at NP? First off, it creates a chill place where new racers can ask questions and feel relaxed before getting into the workout. We also love having ammunition when we’re talking about NP to potential recruits. “I don’t know if I’m fit enough for November Project,” some will say. And this is when you throw down the beauty of the “newbie group.” One less excuse. Activate more bodies, build more community, create more connections in the NP cities.

Now that we have MSN training two days per week and SF flying high on West Coast Wednesdays, it’s time to begin to hype #BetterThanBedtime2. Last summer was the first #BetterThanBedtime. It was our first running event that was a workout followed by a social gathering. For those of you who were a part of the 135 person group that did 10K with the finish line at Harpoon Brewery, you can stand as proof that we can have a pretty good time outside of our usual Mon-Wed-Fri routine. This year, #BetterThanBedtime2 will be held on a worm summer. SF, MSN, & BOS tribes will all begin the run event at the same moment. We’ll be united in training, building community, and good times. Details will come and the official hype is not far off. Hype. We love hype.

FRIDAY: We have to be extra calm and collected on Summit Ave. Its important that keep Summit Ave clear from parking and that we are beyond quiet before 7AM. Our friends at Brookline’s Police Department will come out and check on our levels of safety and sound. Please keep things safe, sound, and in order.

(Coming Soon)

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