Follow Directions!

The buzz in the morning is always present.  We do not lack energy or a topic for conversation with a fellow tribe member.  However, one thing we do need to work on is following directions.  The excitement and energy take over our minds, bodies and souls. We just can’t help it.  So when the workout is explained, sometimes it is just not heard.

Today we gave you a challenge.  Not just physically but mentally. We gave you a workout that resembled a compass.  It truly made you have to follow directions.  And it was goooood.  Do I think that it made you all listen while the work out was explained? No, that why I put index cards out for you, duh.  Do we like what strava makes our work out look like on paper? No, but it’s funny.

We had a bad ass time and started our day just a little more fun, active and friendly then the average bear.  We ran north, south, East and west.  We dipped down, stepped it up, tucked it in and raced it out.  Today was good, but that was a given.  Today we tried to follow directions, but we are giddy kids at heart and we will have to just keep working on this.  I love you either way. Happy hump day!


You all make a difference every morning by showing up and participating in this community.  This week we have reached other communities which is amazing.  We donated $500 to Brunch Club to help the homeless this morning.  Last Friday NPSD donated $500 to Team Hoyt.  And this Sunday we will be donating our time at Brunch Club.  Continue to do all this “good stuff” in your day today, and every day in your future.


  • Sunday Brunch Club 10am
  • Monday Kate Sessions 629am
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