Flying on Friday (YEG)

Today was awesome. Right from seeing smiling faces during the bounce, to gathering a Summit Verbal after the group photo, today was awesome.  We’ll get back to that Summit Verbal a bit later. Women and men in lab coats have informed me that today was the fastest we’ve ever been at the hill. I don’t think I’ve ever seen everyone working so hard, and flying up and down the hill like that. It’s amazing what happens when the weather is nice, the path is clear and the sun is rising. You can focus on catching up to that person in front of you. And then once you catch up to them, set your sights on someone else you’re going to catch. Or, you can end up next to someone and race them to the next tree, or to the next street light, or to the top, or to the bend. You get the idea. Maybe everyone had wheaties this morning. Did I miss the announcement that they’re available in Canada? Whatever you all did today, keep doing it.

As you know, we love it when people give verbals. You don’t HAVE to give a verbal for a workout, but when you do, it keeps you accountable to yourself and the entire tribe that you will show up. November Project has a permanent verbal. We will always meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. Dropping a verbal is making a commitment that we will see you at the workout. And nothing is better than following through with your commitments. Well, cookies are better. Cookies are always better.  Today, our friend who’s name starts with an M and rhymes with “Zel” dropped a verbal for the NP Summit in Park City Utah. The best part, is that it was only her THIRD workout! Yes, one week in, and she loves all of you (eventhough she doesn’t know all of you) so much that she wants to be around you and every other November Project tribe member across the world. She doesn’t have a team yet, but that’s something that can be sorted out later.

Here is just some of the craziness that Zel is going to be part of:

A Friday morning popup workout in Salt Lake City!



This may not look like a race, but it is.



Improptu inspirational speeches from DG of NP Milwaukee.



Enough about that, but let’s talk about Monday. There have been rumours that we would call a write of workout. Those rumours are true. You will have 28 hour hours (plus a few more) to show up at this location at the Alberta Legislature for the workout on Monday at 6am.



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