Floods, Humidity & Whistling Workouts

Today our tribe had different workout experience. SF folks had Olympians join the fun. Boston tribe started sweating as soon as they walked out of their places of residence; while most of Madison wasn’t even able to leave their houses. Here are your nation-wide notes:

By Laura McCloskey

We whistled while we worked this morning. Even Olympians enjoyed the hand-five tunnel. Our first FIELD TRIP is happening next Wednesday. We’ll head to the Disney Magical Waterfall in Stowe Lake in GG park. Details to follow.

By Dan Graham a.k.a. DG

This Just In! DG stays in bed but the animals climb the hill anyways – One by One by One by One by One. Five Humans braved weather that didn’t even make physical sense. Sam (7:07), Ian (7:14), Carleigh (11:30), and Rachel (11:04) were led by their stand in leader Maddy O’Keefe (9:15) to one of the wettest workouts in the history of the world. Seriously they would have been dryer in Lake Mendota. The smallest group since February proved that this tribe is here to stay – rain, shine or even super-rain.

This is not a bad photo. It’s just that wet!

by Bojan the Serbian

We sweated. We sweated a lot. We sweated an hour after the workout. We’re still sweating. This morning we were trying to post our fastest times for the full tour. Some tribesman & tribesladies were successful in their attempts while others were just happy to finish 37 in respectable time without collapsing. Don’t forget that as we push the limits of our endurance we also need to be conscious of the weather circumstances and prevent any sort of harm to our bodies. As we layer up in #GrassrootsGear in the sub zero conditions we should also make sure that during hot and humid days we’re well hydrated and out of prolonged exposure to the sun. Be #weatherproof. Be smart.

Information about #BetterThanBedtime2 is coming soon. Just make sure that your August 4th stays open. Happy Wednesday ya’ll!

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