Five Zero, as in Fifty (IND)

Question: “Has anyone ever puked on these stairs?” Response: “Not yet.” Shout out to the #RaceDay #Newbies: Casey, Jordan, Nancy, Nicole, Braden and Dan, to recall the names I remember, way to #JustShowUp! Keep recruiting, Tribe!! There has been some interest in Fridays….we can start Fridays when we get 100 people to show up on Wednesdays. We also need about 20 strong #Verbals for Fridays before we start them. Rules from the Mothership. So, get busy recruiting.

In other news:

  • MISSING: The #PositivityAward. Description: wood. Shaped like an oar handle. Has “November Project Indianapolis, IN” laser engraved on it. Looks like this: #PA

Strongly suspect the previous winner knows positively where it is located. Dear Sticknappers: can we get a proof of life pic of our beloved #PositivityAward?


  • Brooke does not owe us $10. Anyone else wanna accept her #Verbal challenge?
  • Courtney, Pei and Angela PR-ed.

Angela won the #RaceDay with the biggest negative split. Apologies to those times/names I did not catch; clearly the end of the race is a blurry cluster.

Next week Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.

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