Fitness Is Fun

Here’s a riddle for you:

Fitness is fun.

Fun fitness makes you fast.

Fast friends last forever.

Forever is longer if you are fit.

Fit are the first three letters of Fitness.


The riddle is…figure it out.  Free fitness is even better than fitness and November Project is full of free fitness.  It’s all making sense now.

The fitness this morning was 100% fun.  All you need to know is that Sharks & Minnows is no longer just for the school yard at recess or PE class anymore.  We play it on the beach (shoutout to Destination Deck this week) AND on the fucking hills of Summit Ave.

This morning the tribe were minnows and there were 4 very fast sharks.


The job of the minnows was to run as fast as they could to stay ahead of the sharks–and not have their hand-held American flag taken by being passed by the sharks.  The minnows had up to an 8 minute head start on the course before the sharks went on attack.  Any flagless minnow could take a flag from another minnow by passing them, but couldn’t take multiple flags.  All the minnows who still had flags after running 3 full hills or making it all the way until 7:18am got to GO SWIMMING IN THE POOL WITH THE SHARKS.

In the pool, sharks were tamed and attacked no one.  Well, baby shark Grace (who owns the pool) was pretty fierce with her swimming, but no blood was shed.

And the police showed up.  They picked NP as the place to fulfill their 20 minutes of required “community interaction.” Oh yeah, they realized that we got enough #community to share!  Our old friend Officer Brother said mostly nice things about the tribe.  Danielle was an “Officer Brother Superfan” and we think she got an autograph.  Officer Ye may or may not be making an appearance (as a runner!) next Friday.  No official #verbal, but we’re crossing our fingers.


And at the end of the day we had fun, free fitness, and a fierce community-filled morning.  There was patriotism and awesomeness.  Hell of a good way to start Friday.

If you’d like to start your weekend early, just complete the following three steps and you’re good to go:

1. RECORD your score: how many hills did you run this morning?

b. VERBAL for Monday Destination Deck: which will be in Boston, right next to Northeastern Univ. & Ruggles T station.  Exact location in the tracker.

iii. Plan your trip for #NPSummit. The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Utah race (#ECSUT) is for YOU and now get your ass in gear, get your shit together, get your poop in a group, and #JustShowUp

BOOM, #WeekendEarned.  The Tribe is the Tribe.  FUCK YEAH and see you Monday.

group photo

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