That Chin Thing- BAL

haunt your dreams Do you ever feel

Like a plastic bag?

Drifting through the wind

Wanting to start again?

Do you ever feel

Feel so paper thin

Like a house of cards…one blow from caving in?

This is a poem by Robert Frost I think. It’s beautiful. 

Today was excellent on a whole bunch of levels. For starters we had visitors for Louisiana, a whole bunch of newbies, an American Flag bandana and a piece of rope that apparently make you do burpees, a whole heaping helpin’ of hills and more than enough sweaty hugs and cussing to go around. All boxes have been checked, we can proceed in calling this morning  a successful November Project workout. There is a checklist you know…there are a lot of corporate responsibilities.

If you were there this morning, I hope you had an opportunity to reflect on how freaking awesome waking up and living life to the max is. Give yourself some credit for making life an interesting ride.

If you weren’t there this morning,  and you’ve been thinking about trying NP but just haven’t been able to get a friend to try it with you…go ahead, wake up and try something new. First, watch this video.


Remember to always, always, always, Take Big Bites out of Life.



July 29, Shoe Drive for Back on My Feet. Any old shoes are welcome.

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