First Freeeeedays with NP_LAX!

Man oh Man West Side you know how to get it down and dirty. You were tight like tiger this morning! Thanks to SF’s inspired workout with Rock, Paper, Scissors I’m sure your toosh will be sore tomorrow or better yet later today. I’m impressed to see you all destroy that squat off! Congratulations to Angel for winning the comp race entry to Runfest. You may not realize how stoked we are to be branching out in LA. Though it is a big city, we plan to explore not only the different locations and sites but also the beautiful people that make LA LA!


So for each MONTH we will be hitting up a different location within the city! Spread the word within the city and your specific location. Ultimately we want you to get your ass out of bed, move, and spread positivity with new friends. When we say we want to UniteLA we mean it! It is up to you, the tribe, to branch out and find the good and potential life changing possibilities out there.


I love all of you and can wait to share another two morning with you next week at the Hollywood Bowl and the Santa Monica Pier.


Orface Waxface


RUNFEST– October 19th we will be tackling Santa Monica’s own Runfest. We will be running the retrorun and the 10k. Take a pick. Receive a 20% discount with the code: NPROJECT.  Sign on up folks.

#3014– November Project tribes all across the continent plan to reach 3014 tribemembers by the end of the year. Our specific goal is to reach 150. Do you think you have what it takes to recruit the people of LA? Get one it. Recruit that soccer team that plays on the beach or the runner in front of you whos got some serious swass.

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