First day of July

How do you fit hundred people in the soccer goal? One at the time.

This morning our Boston tribe met on the wet grass of the Brookline Avenue Playground to enjoy deck of cards and return of the jams. Huge thanks to everyone that donated to the Jambox fund so we can enjoy the beats while our glutes are getting tighter.

Congratulations to Kristen Bauer on getting #PositivityAward this morning. Well deserved, girlfriend!

This Wednesday we’re back at the stadium. It’s going to be hot and humid so make sure that you bring water, Gatorade, Nuun tablets, or whatever else is going to keep you hydrated. Remember that the tribe trains hard and smart. #SummerWeatherproof

Friday workout is on. There is no better way to get those beers and hot dogs out of your system than few hill repeats. Happy July ya’ll!

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