Firedrills (YEG)

Today I participated in 9 firedrills…8 of which occurred before 6:30AM and 1  after.

Its was good reminder of how NP firedrills differ slightly from regular firedrills…

One encourages people to sprint your butt off & not worry about pushing someone out of the way, the other people requires people to walk, be quiet and be calm.

One allows #safetythird to override #safetyfirst, the other requires #safetyfirst as the only option.

One includes 104 burpees, 104 pushups, 104 tuck jumps & 108 situps throughout, the other occurs after recess and includes attendance and orderly file.

One was accompanied by jazz music, the other by an ear curdling bell.

One is followed up with a group picture, hugs & high 5s, the other wraps up with a single file procession inside, doors politely held open and a good job announcement.

Regular firedrills are necessary and required…NP firedrills are simply just fun!

Thanks to the tribe for jazzing it up and pushing one another this morning , also for indulging me in my need to get back from vacation mode (that was a lot of burpees cranked out in 30 minutes!)

What happening this week:

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs – bounce commences at 6AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill – again, bounce commences at 6AM

Until next time…SMILE! J



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