Find Your Strength, and What the F*ck is a Waiver?

I’m gonna puke.

I’m gonna pass out.

I’m not gonna make it to the end of this workout.

Race man, ladies and gentlemen! Fuckin’ Raceman!

No workout gets me as exhausted as Raceman. I find myself getting through that first 5 minute block ok, second one alright, and then the third one hits. That rumbling as your stomach begins to revolt.

“You must’ve been poisoned!” it screams.

You find your way to the top of the stadium and try to hold it in. Deep breath. Let’s try this again. “1 minute left!” Shit. Alright, come on legs. We can do this. You find some fast mo-fo at the bottom and dig it out, with nothing but bragging rights and last night’s dinner to lose. But we crush it. The tribe CRUSHES it.

No other workout gives the Average Joe the opportunity to beat ridiculously fast humans like Foiles, the Morgans (yes, both of them), and Shira on any given race. Yeah,  Some of us are built for speed. Some of us are built for endurance. Some of us train for power. Some of us drop sub 25 minute full tours, some of us DON’T but crush those aforementioned sub-25 minute fools in Raceman. We all have our strengths. We all have our weaknesses. Find your strength. Be proud of your strength. And race the shit out of anyone that wants to beat you in that strength.


“but I’m not fast enough to do raceman!”
All of us train to get better, but when we race each other in all kinds of different distances/inclines/activities we really start to see that we aren’t all built the same, that we don’t all train the same, and we definitely have something to learn from our neighbor. So next time we offer up #raceman, or a #sebastian. Don’t say “I’m not ready. Maybe next time…” Challenge yourself. Find someone who you think you can beat, or better yet, know you can’t beat, and throw the f*ck down. You might surprise yourself. BOOM! New strength.

Y’all kicked ass this morning whether you roboted x 1,2, or 3 OR raced your balls off**  in raceman!

This morning was also the start to something NEW to November Project! WE HAD A WAIVER PARTYYYYYYY!!
November Project is growing. What!? Really!? I hadn’t noticed! (Said no-one, ever). That means that every week thouuuuusands of people all around North America (and soon to be the world) work out under the ridiculous banner that reads #FUCKYEAH. In order to make sure that workouts are forever free (Yeah, they cost $0) and empower our tribe members to take responsibility for their own health and well being, while trying our best to avoid awful lawsuits (however ludicrous). Now, if you’ve already signed up for the tracker (link here^^), you’re all set. You’ve signed the waiver! If you never have, I HIGHLY recommendo not only ’cause you can track your time and watch your strengths grow (<– hah, see! full circle), but you can also get the waiver out of the way and save some time at your next November Project workout.

Just to be clear, this isn’t a change in November Project’s mantra. Workouts will still cost $0 forever (at least until Bojan wants a Porsche). Workouts will still be stupid, fun, weird, and hard. You will only ever have to sign this waiver once. That’s it, boom. Done.

I won’t be here Friday, as I will be #traverbaling to NYC… but I CAN tell you that it’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be hard, and a lot of you will find you have yet another strength to monitor.

Much Love,
– Chris

**What’s the lady equivalent to “racing your balls off”? Maybe that’s for another blog. EmSauce?
^^The tracker is currently experiencing technical difficulties thanks to a bogus SSL certificate (<– nerd stuff). It will be up momentarily. For further information on when it will be up and the timing of this outage see this.

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