Final Friday Pool Party in Brookline (Boston)


In two giant groups (RACING & WORKOUT) we ran “full frontals” including the Summit Path steps and finished each loop at the top of Summit Ave with 10 wall jumps on top of Corey Hill Lookout Park. Going into this workout we knew that our good friends in the blue house would be hosting one last group to their hidden pool, just steps away from where we gather/start/finish each Friday.




The children and parents brought their positivity, dinosaurs, and all the performance enhancing speed bubbles that all athletes truly want. When our clock struck 7:15AM the workout was over. At 7:26AM the pool was full. As you can tell, our group doesn’t really enjoy one another. Thanks again to Grace & Micha for the pool, snacks, and good times today AND the many other fun Fridays leading up to today’s final splash (only half of the pool was full with murky-salty-grass water after we left – The tribe was bathing). To get a better look at what went down, 85 amazing photos can be found on the November Project FB page – Kelvin Ma was the lead photographer today and CLEARLY knows what he’s doing. Thanks again Kelvin.

MONDAY LOCATION: We’ll meet as a tribe at 6:28AM at the Edward Devotion School. This will be a semi-traditional deck with sprints, cards, and a few surprise guest leaders (formerly known as “baby sitters“). To get the full experience and start your week right you’ll have to run there and see for yourself. Don’t miss this WEDNESDAY: We’ll race 37 sections, recored the crap out of your exact time that you are keeping on your very own wristwatch, painting the crap out of some shirts (#GrassrootsGear), taking crap-loads of photos with pigs (#PR_Pig), training along side of Marty Walsh (Mayor Of Boston), and doing it all under the well handled Drone (flying GoPro) controlled by the talented hands of Ian Travis Barnard. It may be worth showing up.

Remember to sign up now for the #NPSUMMIT with your discount code and share out the videos that are hyping the event. The tribe is strong.



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