Fuck.  I love this Tribe.

Not only did a whole amazing crew of you show the fuck up for a Destination Deck way out by Jamaica Pond this morning, but you really SHOWED UP!

I keep trying to figure out what to write to inspire, connect, validate, and motivate you all, but all that keeps happening is I shake my head and say out loud, “Fuck, I love this Tribe.”  I really do.  This morning was yet another reason why this crazy community is the best thing ever and why fitness should always and forever be free, fierce, and fun.

I shall recap the morning with a brief photo diary of the highlights, and by quoting one of our core members’ IG caption from this morning.

We did an obstacle course called “The Game of Life.”

Part 1 was “Puberty” where we tried to get our balls to drop in a hole after carrying them between our legs.

Yup, you read that correctly.  A partner/medic placed little balls between our legs, because we were not allowed to touch our own balls, then we hopped/shimmied up the hill to a big tire, and put our balls in the tire.


Part 2 was “Mid-Life Crisis” where we battled it out in tug-o-war.

tug o war group

And Part 3 was “Menopause” where we overcame the highs and lows of a pretty wacky obstacle course.  It involved burpees, monkey bars, army crawl, a series of walls to climb over, and a rope climb.  All 10 teams raced for the fastest time.

monkey bars

molly crawl

morgan brown upside down

dana bogan rope climb

So let’s acknowledge a few things.

First, this was awesome. #FuckYeah

B: to all of you tribe members who were late to work because you stayed to the end… BOOM. #priorities.

Third, we gotta recognize the strong, badass ladies of the tribe, who represented in upper body strength obstacles.  There were tons of you tearing it up on the monkey bars and rope climb. #TheTribeIsStrong

Additionally, get ready for things to get even weirder at NP, because if this was a test of what y’all will do when we throw it out, test passed.  Let the next level begin.  #ShitsGonnaGetWeird

v. How about that megaphone? Can you hear me now?

One more thing: Anyone notice how excited Capozzi is at NP lately?  The guy hasn’t stopped smiling from ear-to-ear in 10 days.  Doesn’t matter whether he’s getting dragged through the mud by CPayne on a tug-o-war rope, or leading the tribe on a run around the field like a wild goose chase, he’s fucking LOVING every minute of NP and we just like that.  Take a note–don’t take things too seriously and enjoy every single second.

Don’t forget about the scores.

The team with the most dropped balls is team 7, with a total score of 17 Armadillos, 1 Narwhal, 300 Sloths, and 5 Cockatoos.
The fastest relay team is team 5, with a School of Jellyfish, 2 Narwhals, and a Flock of Canadian Geese
And the team tied for the winningest record in Mid-Life Crisis and a record 3 Spiney Lumpsuckers, is Team 10.
You guys and gals fucking rock.
Team 1. 101 Poodles, 300 Sloth, 1 Narwhal, 10 Mini Pigs
Team 2. 100 Zebras, 300 Sloth, 1 Narwhal, An Ape
Team 3. 1 Wild Boar, 1 Narwhal, 300 Sloth,  600 Walrus
Team 4. 6 Moose, 1 Narwhal, 300 Sloth, 9000 Donkeys
Team 5. School of Jellyfish, 2 Narwhals, Flock of Canada Geese
Team 6. 3 Penguins, 600 Sloths, Dozen Alpacas
Team 7. 17 Armadillos, 1 Narwhal, 300 Sloths, 5 Cacadoos
Team 8. 1000 Ostriches, 300 Sloths, 1 Narwhal, 2 Platipus
Team 9. 1 Wild Boar, 600 Sloths, 11 Reindeer
Team 10. 6 Moose, 2 Narwhals, 3 Spiney Lumpsuckers


In summary,

As our boy Tim described this morning: This morning was… I don’t even know how to end that sentence properly.  Current options are: amazing, the best, fun, weird, badass, the reason I was late for work, everything I love about NP, silly, way better than elementary school field day, unexpected, well-organized, on point, the best way to start the week, worth waking up for, okay. 

Yeah Tim, Fuck Yeah.

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