“Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if we ran through Fenway Park,” Molly Blumberg said sarcastically as we left the Tasty Burger parking lot.

“If we actually go into Fenway I’m going to shit my pants,” Eugene Kim exclaimed as he ran up to Gate D.

Welp. Better start shittin’ my friend. ’cause THAT. JUST. HAPPENED. FENWAY FAHCKIN PAHHK, KID!!!

It happened. Boston’s Cathedral.


If you missed out, I’m sorry. You should probably avoid social media for the day, or go back to sleep in hopes this was all a dream. Maybe you should leave work, grab ya self a bowl a Clam Chowdah and a Sam Adams, and go re-watch The Town so you can get an idea for what running around FENWAY FAHKIN PAHK was like this morning… Well, I guess there was a lot less stolen money, and way fewer guns, and less cops, and no Ben Affleck–ok, it was nothing like The Town. We were all smiles running up and around the bleachers and over the top of the Green Monster.
This morning was f*ckin awesome sauce. It was wicked pissah. Cyndi Casey and Dana Panepinto deserve a standing ovation for making this all happen. Rosa Evora and Scott Goergen also need shout outs for documenting this wild ride. Our tribe is strong, and connected, and amazingly generous, and we couldn’t be happier.


The truth is, Fenway screams Boston louder than a sun-burnt drunk guy on the beach in Revere. November Project screams louder than any other fitness movement in the world. It seemed surreal that Fenway would open it’s doors to us–like ninjas–at 6:30am–but also, so right? There’s nothing more Boston than Opening Day at Fenway–but what’s more Boston than saying “fuck yeah” early in the morning in all types of weather??? We love Boston, and Boston loves us. We’re making this city our playground one landmark at a time. We hope you’ll show up with us to check ’em all out.

This morning was weird.

It was unexpected.

It was– can I say the “e” word?? I mean–if we can’t use it for a workout in FAHCKIN FENWAY PAHK THEN WHEN CAN WE USE IT?!?!



Much Love,
– C. Payne


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