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Quite the double NPSF has endured in the last 11 hours. We went from urine-soaked alleys to salty ocean air.  Dead sprints covered in tattoos, to way-too-long hills covered in sand. We sprinted, screamed, drank and reveled in the glory of gorgeous sunset, only to wake up a few hours later to enjoy the sun rise over the city. Do we spend too much time together? Probably.

Here are some highlights from the few hours:

-Weston started the races while simultaneously stopping traffic. If you see the photos, you will see why.

-Laura beat Paddy in a race. A foot race.

DSC_0754 (1)

-Zip and Jordan showed up late, but both managed to take the crown of top dog. Geoff Donaldson was the true hero of the evening, however, taking a killer spill and still returning to the championship race like a mother fucking boss.

-Braden, in a leopard onesie, determined the winner of each race with fire. To Laura’s surprise, there were no burn victims.

-Clayton is pissed no one challenged him to a race. So from now until the end of time, we want you all to challenge Clayton to sprint-offs whenever you see him. Preferably when he is in a suit. And has a whiskey in his hand.


This morning, the strong and the resilient made it out to Ocean Beach to run up and down sand steps that destroyed our quads and made us question our life decisions. But after 30 minutes of uncomfortable sand pockets building in our shoes, the sun reflecting off the ocean suddenly made the early rise and shine justified. We have ridiculously fun lives. Let’s keep that going.

Have an amazing weekend, tribe! See you all Monday at Fort Mason

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