Farewell To The Legend of Dane County: Dan Graham Leaves Madison


Dan Graham, the leader and creator of the November Project Madison, had his last workout with his tribe TODAY before leaving for his new life in Milwaukee. Dan Graham, the older brother and full owner of his little brother, yours truly, is an unbeatable leader and a sharp racer. I couldn’t be more proud of what this person has done for the city that he’ll always call home. Good luck my man, and make sure to keep your teeth clean in the 414.

The full leadership role was handed over today and will go to a man named Ted… Ted Gurman. I took a shot at pronouncing his name once and called him Ted German. DG laughed. Its not Ted’s fault, its mine. Ted never knew this went down. We look forward to more badass workouts and amazing stunts by Ted and the November Project tribe in Madison, Wisconsin. Ted may or may not actually be German. We’ll have to learn more in the months to come.


Today we ran hills in three groups. The groups were split between those who wanted to do an aggressive 9, an awesome 6, or a power-house 3 full frontal hills. The hills were hard, the smiles were on, and the wheat grass was flowing. On that note, a special thanks to “Smooth” and his crew for coming out and serving wheatgrass off the back of his Mainstreet tricycle.

HOMEWORK REMINDER: You have until Monday afternoon to get . Yes, this is very FIGHT CLUB, YES, we’ve lost our minds, and YES, your homework will be added to the many other awesome pics that are posted and eventually posted as one giant piece of awesomeness somewhere on the NP-internet. Get it done.

: Our Destination Deck will be at the very end of Long Warf pier near the New England Aquarium… Go all the way out to the end of the Long Warf… here’s the mother fucking map… sorry for yelling, we love you.


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