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Wisconsin notes:
Start at 4:30am. Run from Corey Hill Outlook to the stadium. Run a full tour. Run back. Do 25 burpees. Run a full hill. Do 25 more burpees. Run another full hill. End. Sign up here.


Q: Whaaaaaat??  There’s a triathlon?  What’s that all about?

A: It’s a badass idea to combine all the goodness of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of NP Boston into one singular athletic competition, called the #WOahMAN triathlon.  It is a race.

Q: Do you have to be a WOman to do it?

A: Woah man, No way.  All people of all kinds are doing it.  We’re absolutely honoring the badassity of WOMEN, especially those fierce ladies in the NP_BOS tribe by doing it this Friday (Oct 21st). Does it happen to be before one of our most badass women leaves Boston? Yes. It just didn’t seem right doing it without her.

Q: When is it?

A: We will be starting on Friday morning, Oct 21, 2016 at precisely 4:30 am.  FYI, it will be dark. #justshowup

Q: Where does the shit go down?

A: We will meet, and officially start at the top of Summit Ave. in Corey Hill Outlook Park (where we always meet on Fridays).  The finish line will also be at the fire hydrant at the top of the hill.

Q: But…triathlon? Doesn’t that usually involve swimming, biking, and running?

A: Yeah usually.  But our Tri involves Monday, Wed, Friday NP standards.  Running, stadium, hills, and burpees.  The official rundown is this:

Start at the fire hydrant

Run from the top of Summit to Harvard Stadium (map below)

Complete a full tour from section 37 to section 1

Run from Harvard Stadium to the top of Summit Ave.

Do 25 burpees

Run 1 Full Hill (front side & back side)

Do 25 more burpees

Run 2nd Full Hill (front side & back side)

Finish at the fire hydrant


Q: How do I sign up?

A: Let us know you’re joining the race by signing up here.  It’s #free.

Q: Is there a time cut off?

A: Some of the faster kids will probably complete the entire #WOahMAN before the regular Friday Hills start at 6:30.  Cool.  Others will arrive to the hills in time to run with the rest of the tribe, and will complete the tri by 7:30am.  So, yeah.  We’re gonna be done by 7:30am.

Q: I can’t finish ~5 miles, 1 full tour, and 2 full hills before 7:30am!

A: We know some of you are in this group. Even if you can’t complete the entire tri before 7:30am, we still encourage you to tri (hah! get it? tri!). The beauty of it ending on the hill means even if you are only able to get through the run to (and around) the stadium, you’ll be back where we’re ending.

Q: Can I start late?  Or Can I do it on Saturday?

A: Official participants in the #WOahMAN Tri will start at 4:30am on Friday.  That is it. No one will stop you from running it on a Saturday.

Q: Safety???

A: #SafetyThird.  HR Karl has given his tentative approval for the event, but strongly recommends reflective devices and lights.  Or glow sticks.  Or really bright smiles. We recommend bringing a phone or finding an accountabilibuddy in the event you need assistance.

Q: Will there be water stations?

A: Fact: We’re running right passed Bojans house. Fiction: he will have a water station ready for us. Everyone is responsible for their own hydration and fueling.  This won’t be an easy physical challenge, so be sure to eat and drink as you need to.  Let’s just all agree to not bonk, crash, or die.  There will be NO water stations or other food/fuel provided by the race committee.

Q: Are there Prizes? 

A: Yup.  Top three #WOahMAN man and WOman finishers will receive a prize.

Q: I’m injured, can I/should I do the #WOahMAN?

A: Nope.  Racing injured is not recommended. #EmC2, #NP_BOS, and #HRKarl are not encouraging anyone who is not of sound physical health to attempt the Triathlon.  Get better and stick around for the #WOahMAN2.0

Q: Where’s the after-party?

A: Beer? After party? Well. This one’s a little weird. We’ll be finishing before 8am. So the after party is going to be an after-work after-party. Those of you that are interested in throwing a couple back or just socializing with some NPers, meet us at Mystic Brewery. Follow up: Ew. It’s all the way out in Chelsea? A: Yuup! You just ran your first #WOahMAN. You can make it to Chelsea! See you there at 6:30pm

Q: But I think I have more questions…

A: Nah, you probably don’t.  Re-read all the ones above and if you still have questions, answer it yourself by asking “What would Bojan do?”  See you at the hills on Friday, either at 4:30am or 6:30am

Q: Cool. I’ve read all that, and I’m pretty sure I don’t wanna be a #WOahMAN.

A: Lame. But you do you! Come to the 6:30am at Corey Hill Outlook to get your normal NP fix in!




A: that’s not a question.  Simmer down and take a breath.

Q: But how do I get a buff?

A: Click on the form HERE to submit your request for up to 3 NP Buffs.

Q: How many buffs can I get?

A: One.  Two.  Or Three.  That’s it.

Q: How do I pay for them?

A: Read all the info in the form, you can pay using Venmo as soon as you request your buffs.

Q: When will I get my buff(s)?

A: Whenever they arrive.  Don’t ever ask that question again.  This will always be the answer and repeated asking of this question is frowned upon.  We don’t like frowning at November Project.  Straight face and frowning are different.  Don’t make us frown.

Q: But who’s this Ryan Komaiko guy?

A: The International Buff master.  We happen to have him in Boston to oversee the ordering and distribution of all buff related things.  He does NOT answer questions about buffs.  Don’t ask him.  And be kind to him because it takes some serious focus to coordinate this process for hundreds of people and hundreds and hundreds of buffs.


THAT’S IT.  Everything you need to know and wanted to ask about the #WOahMAN Triathlon and NP Buffs 2016.

Have a great day!

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