Family (YEG)



1 a group of persons who come from the same ancestor

2 one of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic
Families are such a huge part of the holidays…but what’s a family? I like to think that the boundaries of a family extend beyond bloodlines. We have families who come to NP together; husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, parents and children. I’d also say that our tribe has become a second family for many. The tribe is family.
This morning I ran hills with my brother, my mom and my dad…it was great to have my family all moving together. Last year my parents stayed in Victoria as my dad was awaiting hip replacement surgery and now, only one year later Andrew and I had him out running hills in minus 18 degree weather! That’s what families do with each other…right?
This morning we presented the positivity award to a very deserving family…Nonnie, Ian and Thomas are dedicated NP-ers. Since their first outing at Commonwealth in the late summer they have been regulars each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We’ve also had the pleasure of cheering them on at running races, sharing in yoga practice and supporting their training for Edmonton’s hypothermic half marathon. We love that we can be a place for families to move together!
This morning Cathleen expressed to me that her NP tribe members are her Edmonton family. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day one of our tribe members, Tanis and her family, opened their home to her tribemates who didn’t have their families in town. Dinner, gifts, love, and the spirit of Christmas were shared. That’s family!
Thank you to the tribe who has become family. This community continually reminds me of the wonderful, kind, generous people that I have the absolute pleasure to share my time with!
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Monday’s Location – MacKinnon Ravine
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