Family Plan (DEN)

The LieutenantGeneral had heard rumors of this elaborate ‘phone number’ workout conjured up by the kooky folks in the NP-LAX tribe. Facilitating the exchange of phone numbers amongst members and utilizing individual fitness segments, seemed far too progressive for the googly-eyed tribesmates of NP5280. Nevertheless, General Molly returned from a reconnaissance mission in Waves County, USA to enlighten the 2nd remotest tribe of all the tribes (can you hear me now, NP-YEG?) with an action packed workout of rotarty-phone fun. 10 digits, 10 exercise stations, and a Governor’s Park playground full of grassy hills, slippery stairs, rocky walls, and a rain-induced sprinkler system.

The moral of the story is that everyone who just showed up today got in an organized-mayhem slash controlled-chaos workout that didn’t fully end when the clock struck 7:00. The final cool-down includes contacting the random phone number that you collected. Send them sweet message today. Let them know that you were glad that they showed up, congratulate them for earning their weekend, and invite them to next Wednesday’s workout.


Lt. Berteletti

SUNDAY 4PM Dan’s House (21st & Gilpin): Potluck Food and Beverage consumption in conjunction with Football Watching & Recruiting Paper creation. If you are reading this then you are invited. Facebook message Dan or Molly for exact address.

WEDNESDAY 6:15A (5:30A Early Group) Civic Center Amphitheater. This will be a free workout.

The Original Recruiting Paper.
The Original Recruiting Paper.
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