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In a continuation of Paddy outsourcing all his coleaderly duties, he took Bolt’s laptop at breakfast and asked the Tribe to do the work for the blog. This was all after getting Aoife Doran to lead the bounce and asking the Tribe to send their best #Instagang photos from the workout. Ehhh, Dan and Laura are relaxing this Christmas so might aswell make it easy on myself too #amiright #fuckyeah!

It can be tough for people to spend their Christmas away from family and old friends, but in cities across the world, we are so blessed to have our November Project Tribes to take us under their wing. We will always have our Tribe, our Family here in San Francisco. So grateful for that! Happy Holidays, Tribe!


(Tribe, throw down a few lines about what its means to have the Tribe with you over the holidays. 1, 2, 3… GO!)

WHAT’S THE DEAL with mistletoe? It’s not a missile, it’s not a toe… – Tim

This is my first Christmas away from home. I was nervous about it, but I haven’t even had a chance to feel homesick. NP has become more than a family, more than a place to go. I’m so grateful for the tribe bringing my long lost cousin and I together and creating an even bigger family with everybody. Cheers! Forever thankful – Aoife

Did you know that Lucci autocorrects to Gucci? The more you know. Merry Chrismahanukwanzikah. I have totally had a super awkward orphan Xmas here in SF in the past, and am happy that so many people can avoid that experience because of NP – our fitness community is dope. Thanks to those that came over to cook and share a bite before wandering off for the day!. – Lindsay B


Best tribe away from home! Thanks Npsf for already making me feel like part of the family. – Charlene from NpOG

When the most exciting thing that happens to you on Christmas Eve is setting your alarm for the Christmas morning workout at Twin Peaks, you know you’re officially really far away from your family on the East Coast – but even closer to your NPSF fam. Cheers, y’all! – Andy L.

I spent Christmas with family and snuck out with the pups to catch my family away from family this morning. Wil and d’Art appreciated the head pats and support (thanks for pacing, Drummer!). Instagang must’ve come back strong with the amazing full moon by the tower and the epic sunrise as an ending backdrop. Breakfast at Lindsay’s was just icing on the cake! We missed you for all the right reasons, those who weren’t here this morning. We’ll all be together soon! – Henri


This is my first christmas away from family. Typically I spend time in the east coast with zillion of my cousins where, all we do is eat and try to not to offend our parents, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa when they question our life choices with “Why are you skinny ? Why don’t you have a girl friend ? Why aren’t you married yet ? You are straight right?”. I am glad to have found the NP family and this is my first ever christmas where I woke up around 5a.m. and got to the hills for the run. I love the city and the crazy fellow NP’ers who welcome you with hugs and push your limits. I am glad I found my NP family who made me an early riser and made me a fast in my runs. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays – Sandy

Best christmas morning with the SF bound NP fan who made it out today! Knew the east bay drive over would be worth seeing all you lovely people, and seeing you all crush the hills, sharing treats and hugs. Oh, and the sunrise was also pretty cool. OK, maybe a bit more than pretty cool…more like unbelievably gorgeous! – Scarles

Two weeks ago, I was hanging out with my parents and a few of their friends. I had just run a half marathon that morning and my dad’s friend asked me how I stay motivated and inspired to keep running and racing. I told him that it was mostly peer pressure, but also that I have this amazing community of fun and fast friends who keep me accountable and motivate me to push myself. Thanks guys for inspiring me…and of course, for the peer pressure. – Sasha


Sorry everyone, I’ve been on staycation eating chocolate and watching movies for the past few weeks. I wasn’t gon run til next yr but when Leader offered to pick me in a Volvo, I had to do the right thing. On the way to Twin Peaks, there was a tall slim beauty running along the road. The way she moved eminded us of a brown stallion horse with skates on so Leader pulls over and tells me to holla. We ran up on her & was almost paralyzed; her neck was melling sweeter than a plate of yams with extra syrup. ‘Wud up girl’, said I before realizing that she was Lucianna damn! I jogged the rest of the way with her despite my aversion to running because frankly I’m an honorable gentleman. Whats that jingling?” asked Lucianna. “Well I’m glad you asked. It’s chocolate covered blueberries and chocolate covered espresso beans. (none of that Mast Brothers crap)”. Leader suggested we bring snacks so I took the first thing I saw on my dresser. Unfortunately there were no takers probably due to the indica/sativa blend. It was presumptuous to think that this group might prefer cannabis to alcohol because we’re so health conscious but perhaps it’s just society having us think otherwise. The sun peeks behind the horizon as we were taking pictures. What better time to spotify the newly available ‘Here Comes the Sun’! Breakfast @ Bolts’ had a nice mix of new and old faces. It was $70 so don’t forget to venmo a couple of bucks to Sasha Kluger and Lindsay Bolt. See you guys on Monday. – Kenny Wong


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