Waivers & Yearbook Photos (Next Week) @Nov_Project

WARNING: This post contains actual information that you’ll want to read carefully. Unlike many of our posts from months past, this one has activities & workouts that are brand spankin’ new. Enjoy!

WAIVERS: The local running studs/NP tribe members from New Balance will be documenting our workout locations next week. The focus will be on your November Project tribe, most specifically, the stadium workout next Wednesday, March 20th and the HILLS next Friday, March 22nd. They need each of us that will be a part of these workouts to sign a waiver… yeah, pretty official right? Feelin’ the corporate blanket heavy on your face? Not us! We have to remind you, New Balance has been a supporter since the middle of last summer. They come out and train their asses off. They are fully painted members of November Project. We believe in NB the same way we believe in 88acres, Geekhouse Bicycles, Back Bay Yoga, Harpoon Brewery and the countless other local businesses that help us build your NP community. This month many of you will earn new kicks from NB… I’m pretty sure they’re easy to love.

These simple waivers will be passed out at the end of the workout tomorrow and will be collected before we begin on WEDNESDAY next week. They won’t ask for a hair sample, urine, or a retina scan… I think. If we have newbies (we always do) or if you forget to fill out and bring your signed sheet (BG), we’ll have extra copies on site and can set you up BEFORE the workout. Not interested in personal and tribal fame? Totally cool. We’ll just have you start the workout without the group to love, support, and power-hype you. We know New Balance is looking to capture the local mob that we’ve built. They want to promote what we’re doing and highlight how great Boston is. Exciting would be an understatement. If you can’t tell, we’re fucking jazzed.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS: I’ve wanted to put together for some time now. It will be a simple FB album of all of the faces of November Project taken head on. Posed in your choice of “JC Penny super smiles” or “badass mugshots,” this album will be an ongoing project that will keep us even MORE connected to those we train side by side with at NP in the morning. For many of you who wake up 20% of the way through your workout we’d like to warn you: The photos will be take BEFORE the workout after you hand over your signed waiver. Come lookin’ sleepy, come dripping with sexual appeal, just come ready to train after your YEARBOOK PHOTO has be taken. Wednesday, March 20th, you’ll hand your waiver to someone official (most likely me), then step into line to get your headshot taken, then you’ll gather to hear the workout plan of attack.

RECAP: Tomorrow we’ll pass you something to sign and date, you’ll bring it a week later, you’ll get your YEARBOOK PHOTO taken (#Grassroots? Obviously), and we will all move one step closer to fitness, completed waivers, and World Takeover. Plan your morning like our good friend 50 Cent (below), and wear your most badass/subtle/sexual eye makeup. WAIVERS & YEARBOOK PHOTOS ARE HERE! .

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